By Edwin Oosterbroek, A. van den Berg

Content material:

, Pages v-vi, Edwin Oosterbroek, Albert van den Berg
Hydrogels and polymers as parts of a lab on a chip

, Pages 3-20, J.M. Bauer, D.J. Beebe
Microreplication applied sciences for polymer-based μ-TAS applications

, Pages 21-35, H. Becker, C. Gärtner
Silicon and glass micromachining for μTAS

, Pages 37-64, J.G.E. Gardeniers, R.E. Oosterbroek, A. van den Berg
Surface chemistry in polymer microfluidic systems

, Pages 65-82, Laurie E. Locascio, Alyssa C. Henry, Timothy J. Johnson, David Ross
Plastic microfluidic units: Electrokinetic manipulations, lifestyles technology functions, and creation technologies

, Pages 83-112, Gary Binyamin, Travis D. Boone, Hilary S. Lackritz, Antonio J. Ricco, Alexander P. Sassi, Stephen J. Williams
Transverse diffusion in microfluidic systems

, Pages 115-150, P. Yager
Nanoliter & picoliter liquid handling

, Pages 151-169, P. Koltay, J. Ducrée, R. Zengerle
Micro sequential injection procedure for tracking of metabolites extruded through cultured cells

, Pages 171-184, Craig M. Schulz, Jaromir Ruzicka
Handling of beads in microfluidic units for biotech applications

, Pages 187-204, Wouter van der Wijngaart, Helene Andersson, Göran Stemme
Particles and molecules dealing with in micro channels

, Pages 205-214, S. Shoji, ok. Tashiro, T. Sekiguchi, H. Sato, N. Honda, T Funatu
Cell counting and telephone sizing in microstructures

, Pages 215-227, P. Telleman, U.D. Larsen
Microfabricated capillary array electrophoresis: Implementation and applications

, Pages 231-247, R.G. Blazej, B.M. Paegel, C.A. Emrich, R.A. Mathies
Microfluidic structures for research of the proteome with mass spectrometry

, Pages 249-270, D. Jed Harrison, Richard D. Oleschuk, Pierre Thibault
Interfacing μTAS to matrix assisted laser desorption time-of-fight masspectrometry-MALDI-TOF MS

, Pages 271-284, T. Laurell, G. Marko-Varrga, J. Nilsson
Micro built-in chemical platforms for normal use

, Pages 285-307, Yoshikuni Kikutani, Akihide Hibara, Hideaki Hisamoto, Manabu Tokeshi, Takehiko Kitamori
Synthesis in micro reactors utilizing electro-osmotic flow

, Pages 309-333, P.D.I. Fletcher, S.J. Haswell, P. Watts, S.Y.F. Wong
Biochips aiming at complex clinical treatment

, Pages 335-371, Y. Horiike, A. Oki, H. Ogawa, H. Onoda, M. Takai, H. Inokuchi, Y. Tezuka, S. Adachi, T. Fukasawa, Y. Takamura
BioMEMS for drug supply applications

, Pages 373-389, J.R. Lewis, M. Ferrari

, Pages 391-394

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If the metallization takes place at a higher temperature, the different shrinking of the materials during cooling can lead to cracks in the metal film. Another aspect which has to be addressed is the adhesion of the metal film on the polymer. g. g. by oxygen plasma or commercially available adhesion promoters. 3. Surface Modification One of the great advantages of the use of polymers as materials for microfluidic systems is the fact that polymers make available a wide range of well tunable surface chemistries.

The channel shapes obtained with this method are tubular. 3 shows a typical result. Design freedom is limited with this method as well, since the width of the channel will always be at least twice its depth due to underetching under the mask. Fig. 3. Cross-section of isotropically etched channels in silicon; note that the width of the channel is almost twice its depth. Anodic wet-chemical etching exploits an anodic potential applied to the substrate to induce etching, and gives essentially the same results as the previous method.

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