By Kyabje Pabongka

A vintage consultant for the examine, perform and cognizance of Buddhist teachings.

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Written through one of many first Tibetan masters to dwell and educate within the usa, it truly is rendered in a lyrical kind that entertains, evokes, and motivates the reader. A key paintings for all those people who are desirous to increase and deepen their meditation perform.

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O u r C o m passion ate T eacher has already given us predictions in the sutra basket [sutra pitaka]. W e have also received th e m fro m m an y pandits and adepts o f b o th India and T ib et. F or exam ple, A ry a N a g a rju n a says in his Precious Garland: F ro m n o n -v irtu e com es all suffering, A n d likew ise all the lo w e r realm s. F ro m v irtu e co m e all u p p e r realm s, A n d all h a p p y rebirths. W e can n o t be certain - even b y m eans o f direct valid cogni­ tio n - o f such thin gs as w h e re w e w ill go in o u r fu tu re rebirths.

T h e tim e o f the deed does n o t alter th e degree o f kindness. T h u s all sentient beings have been n o th in g b u t k in d to yo u. 34 The Preliminaries: D ay One H o w could y o u ig n o re these k in d m o th e rs o f yours, w h o have fallen in to the ocean b f sam sara, and w o rk only fo r y o u r o w n liberation? It w o u ld be like children singing and dancing o n the shore w h e n one o f their close relatives, such as their m o th er, has fallen in to the ocean’s rip-tide. T h e rip is flo w in g o u t to the ocean and she calls o u t to th e m in terro r, b u t they are com plete­ ly oblivious to her.

I shall go in to the forest so th at I can alw ays be in m ed itatio n . T o d a y , give m e a little m eat, m ilk, ho n ey , and sugar cane; I w ill g o to venerable A vad hu tip a. ’ T his w as the gist o f the songs su n g to his parents. H is m o th e r a nd father gave h im p erm issio n to do as he w ished, and he set o u t fo r the forest w ith one th o u sa n d ho rsem en . H e b ecam e a fo llo w er o f A v ad hu tip a, w h o initiated h im into the d e v e lo p m e n t o f bod hichitta.

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