By Ed Bonny, Travis Stout

A sourcebook unearthing the ruins and secrets and techniques of the fallen empires of the Forgotten geographical regions crusade setting.For the 1st time, the secrets and techniques of previous empires of the Forgotten nation-states international are chronicled in a single accomplished sourcebook. For avid gamers, this publication comprises new suggestions for characters wishing to delve into historical ruins, together with new feats, status sessions, magic, and gear. For Dungeon Masters, this booklet includes new fabric linked to ruins, together with principles for a way to construct and maintain a ruin-based crusade, greater than a dozen targeted experience websites with maps, and new monsters and artifacts.AUTHOR BIO: Edward Bonny is a contract dressmaker who has written various articles for Dragon® journal. His prior layout credit comprise Monster handbook™ II.AUTHOR BIO: Travis Stout is a contract clothier who has written a number of articles for Dragon journal and whose earlier layout credit comprise Player’s consultant to Faer?n™.

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Furthermore, since the armor is made of force, incorporeal creatures can’t bypass it the way they do normal armor. Arcane Material Component: A miniature adamantine shield worth at least 250 gp. You surround the subject with a brilliant violet glow that grants temporary immunity to poisons and diseases. Nezram’s amethyst aura absorbs all poisons and diseases that target the subject for the duration of the spell, regardless of how they are delivered. Any weapon or natural attack normally used to deliver a poison or disease (such as a mummy’s touch or a snake’s bite) still deals the normal amount of hit point damage, but the poison or disease is blocked.

The key to making the past an essential part of the present is to make ancient civilizations relevant to the campaign’s current crises and challenges. Clever adventurers often try to mine ruins for archaic magic and lore to defeat current-day threats, especially those that have their roots in centuries gone by. aerûn’s past surrounds its present like an unpredictable and pervasive force of nature, affecting its peoples in many subtle ways. Sleeping threats can be awakened by seemingly innocent acts, and adventurers can stumble upon hidden evils, forgotten ruins, and the lost lore of ancient civilizations in both likely and unlikely places.

Material Component: Three hairs and a tooth. HEAVE TYCHE’S TOUCH Abjuration Level: Cleric 2 Components: S, DF Casting Time: 1 standard action Range: Touch Target: One living creature Duration: 24 hours or until discharged Saving Throw: Will negates Spell Resistance: Yes Created by a court mage serving the Stag King of Athalantar, this spell provides you with a bit of breathing room when you are threatened by swarming foes. When you cast the spell, you project a blast of concentric force that pushes away creatures surrounding you.

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