By Thinley Norbu

It is a particular and strong presentation of the lessons of Tibetan Buddhism at the 5 parts: earth, water, air, fireplace, and house. of their gross and sophisticated types, those components mix to make up the countless illusory show of extraordinary lifestyles. via teachings, tales, and his certain use of language, Thinley Norbu Rinpoche relates how the energies of the weather take place inside of our daily international, in person habit and crew traditions, relationships and solitude, drugs and paintings. He explains their hyperlinks to the 5 Buddha households and their respective knowledge Dakinis, and exhibits how every one aspect pertains to our senses, temperament, passions, conduct, and karmic potentials. This magic dance of the weather, he concludes, might be remodeled via meditation perform and cultivating the calm, huge, and playful nation of cognizance that he calls "playmind."

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After the fire, both gross element energy and subtle element energy are exhausted and only the gray ashes of empty sadness remain. Then, lacking support from worldly gross elements and from inner subtle elements, our mind becomes weak and sorrowful. But through play, spiritual energy can be sustained, so we must not think that play is always bad. Whether or not our rigid mature minds reject play, everything is still the display of the natural secret essence of the elements. If we are serious and rigid, our subtle elements become congested and cannot reflect this wisdom display.

View that there is nothing beyond the substance qualities of the gross elements. They do not believe in a substanceless source of the gross elements. Some believe that substance appears out of nothing, and others believe in the inexhaustible circle of matter and energy, that phenomena arise when circumstances gather by chance and coincidence. According to the nihilists' point of view, when the elements come together the gross element form of the body is born spontaneously combined inseparably with the mind.

Yet in her dream her child is dead and she is sufferingn. But for the true practitioner who understands the pure essence of the elements, there is no more gross daytime habit and no more subtle dreamtime habit. According to the Tantric system, it is not necessary to examine the dreams we have at dark and before midnight, because these dreams are only expressions of previous habits. It is not necessary to examine dreams we have at midnight, when our dreamtime subtle impure elements' conception and our daytime gross impure elements' conception are connected, since they create disturbances which manifest themselves as demons.

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