By Takpo Tashi Namgyal, Lobsang P. Lhalungpa

First English Translation of an incredible Tibetan Buddhist paintings, on education complex scholar.

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Written via one of many first Tibetan masters to reside and educate within the usa, it truly is rendered in a lyrical type that entertains, evokes, and motivates the reader. A key paintings for all people who are wanting to enhance and deepen their meditation perform.

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Mahamudra li Book One, Chapter Three: Stages of Tranquility and Insight Part 2: Insight The author enumerates a variety of ways in which insight meditation has been presented in the tradition, commenting in sum: Just as fire results from the rubbing of two sticks, so intellectual examination [of dualistic perception] will lead to a dawning of insight. Once the wood is consumed, the flames die. Thus, when insight dawns, both the image of the examiner and its examination fade. After briefly characterizing the meditative procedure of the main Mahayana schools, Tashi Namgyal turns to the central issue, insight into twofold selflessness.

Although these works, discussed below, are highly recommended, the reader may come away puzzled as to how one actually gets into the mahamudra practice and unfolds it. This book answers that question. In particular, Mahanzudrci is a synthesis of the direct or sudden-path oral instructions of the siddhas (realized ones) and the gradual-path approach stemming from the Indian Mahayana masters like Kamalagila. Oral instructions refers to pithy statements by the lineage masters, often received face to xliv Mahamudni face in the presence of one's guru, which are full of meaning and intended to direct one to the main point.

The one is inherent and pure, the other acquired and impure. These conflicting inner realities can be differentiated in terms of the two truths. The ordinary mind, as a valid sensory perception, consists of a mirrorlike clarity and an awareness with an insight into its innate simplicity. The perceptive clarity, being conditioned, is on the level of apparent reality. The awareness of the innate simplicity, being unconditioned, is on the level of the ultimate reality. The two are compatible and, in fact, nondual.

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