By James Wyatt, Rob Heinsoo

Powerful heroes deserve depraved foesDemons and half-demons, dragons and dragonkin, lively corpses and stressed spirits, wielders of magic and eaters of spells: those are the creatures of Faer?n, the monsters of the Forgotten geographical regions crusade setting.Monster Compendium: Monsters of Faer?n comprises ratings of recent monsters to be used in Dungeons & Dragons adventures. From the aarakocra to the Tyrantfog zombie, those monsters current an entire new diversity of challenges.Although usable in any crusade, those monsters are particularly fitted to the Forgotten nation-states environment -- a global of significant magic, bad villains, and excessive event.

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Others will take and interrogate prisoners, trying to learn how to stop Doomgrinder that way. Unfortunately, only a few nonplayer characters know how to stop it, and (except for Daneel) they won’t be met in any of the encounters described in this section. Still, characters who try to do things the smart way instead of the hard way deserve credit, and DMs may consider rewarding them if they engage in fine roleplaying with their opponents. If the party successfdy interrogates a warrior, they learn the Engine Room (in the rear of the juggernaut) is the most important part of running Doomgrinder.

Also of drow workmanship, each tapestry is worth 120 gp. Behind one of the tapestries is an opening leading to area 3. On the desk are maps of the lands around the City of Greyhawk, the Wild Coast, the Pomarj, and the lands around the Woolly Bay. There is also a letter written in a strange code which only read magic and the ability to read the drow language will enable characters to understand. Should they manage to decipher it, it reads: To Our Trusted Servant Eland u’Rehahn, We are pleased with the progress you have made with the derro, and we conrinue to be intriped by this giant juggernaut they possess, Although we harbor doubts that it can be safely delivered to our stronghold, we encourage you to see that they 9.

Each room houses 3 warriors, though other derro may be visiting. No extra weapons are in the rooms, as derro carry their equipment with them. NPG present (roll ld6): PH DESCRIPTIONS DOOMGRINDER GEOMOR The descriptions below apply to tlie map, “Interior Geomorphs” on the inside gatefold of this adventure. Each geomorph is described, as are the rooms in each geomorph. ,. Whenever the characters enter a new room or area wlthin a geomorpn, the DM rolls to see who they encounter there. The DM should roll Id6 to see the initial group encountered, and then should roll on the appropri- 33 1-2 ld3+1 veteran warriors, Id-1 slaves 3-4: ld2+1 veteran warriors, ld6+2 warriors 5-6: 2d6 warriors Treasure: Roll treasure types M, N and Q on Table 84 of the DMG for each NPC, except that slaves have no treasure.

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