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WMF The image data from the SBU goes to the IPU (Image Processing Unit) IC on the BICU board, which carries out the following processes on the image data: 1. Auto shading 2. Filtering (MTF and smoothing) 3. Magnification 4. γ correction 5. Grayscale processing 6. Binary picture processing 7. Error diffusion 8. Dithering 9. Video path control 10. Test pattern generation The image data then goes to either the LDDR or the memory control IC (GA 1) depending on the selected copy modes. 2-8 26 March 1998 IMAGE PROCESSING Image processing path Image Processing Copy Mode Input correct.

12 13 14 15 ........ WMF An ID sensor pattern is made during the machine initialization (after the main power switch or operation switch is turned on) and after finishing a copy job in which 10 (this is the default value) or more copies were made. WMF Because the drum charge roller [A] always contacts the drum, it gets dirty easily. So, the cleaning pad [B] also contacts the drum charge roller all the time to clean the surface of the drum charge roller. The pin [C] at the rear of the cleaning pad holder touches the cam gear [D], and this gear moves the cleaning pad from side to side.

2 > Vt(10) or Has the toner supply motor been turned on ? 5 ? 3 s. GAIN determination Image pixel count mode: GAIN = 1 Toner supply motor on time calculation No Have 10 or more copies been made since the last Vtref change and is the copy job finished? WMF 2-40 26 March 1998 DEVELOPMENT In sensor control mode, the machine varies toner supply for each copy, to maintain the correct proportion of toner in the developer and to account for changes in drum reflectivity over time. The adjustment depends on two factors • The amount of toner required to print the page (based on a black pixel amount for the page) • Readings from the TD sensor and ID sensor Each step of the previous flow chart is explained in more detail on the following pages.

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