By Rene de Nebesky-Wojkowitz

This ebook is a research of the Tibetan protecting deities, these gods worshipped via the Tibetans as protectors and guardians of Buddhism.

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PaDder' - A. GrUnwedcl, 'Das Pantheon des Tschangtscha Hutuktu,' Yerolfent/ichlllflen tllll dem kOnJgl. Museum /Ur YIJI/cerkunde, I, 2/3, Berlin 1890. A. GrDnwodol, Mythologle du Buddhlmuu in Tibet und ekr Mongolei, Leipzis 1900. S. v. Oldenburg, Sbomlk lzobralenU 300 burchanov, Blbliotheca Buddhlca, St. Petersburg 1903. A. Grilnwedel, Obzor sobranfa predmetov Lllmal1/cago kulta kn. E. E. Uchtamskt18o, Bibllotheca Buddhlca, VI, St. Petersburg 1905. A. Getty, Tht gods of Northern Buddhism, Oxford 1914.

Left hand she wields a trident to which streamers of silk are attached. A human corpse lies in her mouth and she bares her teeth. She has three eyes. her hair is yellow-red and its plaits fall towards the left side. Her body is adorned with snakes and wreathes of human skulls as well as with a garland consisting of the severed heads of asuras. She wears a snake with a necklace of bells in her left ear and a lion in the right one. A diadem made of flowers and black silk rests on her head. An elephant-hide covers the upper portion of her body, and the skin of an ox serves her as a loin-cloth.

The dharmaptl{as also carry a great variety of clubs (dh)'ug to). Many of these are supposed to be of sandal-wood. Several clubs have a thunderbolt as the end of the handle, or they are studded with jewels. oup, a mummified corpse in the form of a club (zhing dbyug), the emblem of gShin rje (Skt. Yama). The latter attribute is sometimes simplified to an ordinary club bearing a skull on top. , we may mention the stick carried by Pe har called bseg shing, supposed to have been made of a heavy kind of wood called sha ra; it is said to resemble the so-called "rattling-staff" (mkhar gsil) carried by those dharmaptl/as who are depicted in the shape of Buddhist priests.

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