By edited by Bernard J. Geurts, Herman Clercx, Wim Uijttewaal.

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From these figures, it is first of all clear that in both cases the particle velocity and the drift velocity do not differ much. There is an asymmetry in the data, showing stronger sweeps than ejections and showing significantly less Q1 and Q3 events than Q2 and Q4. Yet, there exists a clear difference between both cases, with the peak of the histogram in the settling case in the Q4 quadrant, whereas it is at the center in the fully developed situation. A. J. Uijttewaal 3 2 2 1 1 v/u v/u* 3 * 48 0 0 −1 −1 −2 −2 −3 −4 −2 0 u/u 2 −3 −4 4 −2 * 2 1 1 v/u v/u* 2 * 3 0 −1 −2 −2 0 u/u* 4 0 u/u* 2 4 0 −1 −2 2 * 3 −3 −4 0 u/u 2 4 −3 −4 −2 Fig.

At such high values of Shields parameter, bottom features are “washed” away to form a planar bathymetry). Sediment Transport, Ripple Dynamics and Object Burial 23 Collectively, the above limiting asymptotic estimates for KC and θ values, that demarcate different regimes, are depicted on the scour/burial regime diagram shown in Fig. 9 by dashed lines. Empirical parameterizations for transitional boundaries, that best fit the experimental data while being consistent with the limiting asymptotic behaviors between basic regimes discussed above, were identified and parameterized as follows: KC = KC ∗ + (θ∗∗ − θ)/(θ − θ∗ ), (9) KC = KC ∗ + (θ0 − θ)5 /(θ − θ∗∗ ), (10) KC = KC ∗∗ ∗∗ 2/3 + 1/(θ − θ ) .

1991). Entrainment of bed sediment into suspension. J. Hydraulic Engg, 117 , 414-435 [6] Grasmeijer, B. , and Kleinhans, M. G. (2005). Suspended sand concentrations and transports in tidal flow with and without waves. In: Sandpit, Sand transport and morphology of offshore sand mining pits, Van Rijn, L. , Soulsby, R. , and Davies, A. ), U1-U13. Aqua Publications [7] Green, M. , Vincent, C. , McCave, I. , Dickson, R. , Rees, J. , and Pearson, N. D. (1995). Storm sediment transport: observations from the British North Sea shelf.

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