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For heroes who indulge in darkness.The Shadowfell is a chilly, grim position during which the spirits of the useless needs to cross on their strategy to . . . at any place. darkish, evil issues dwell there, suffused with the facility of shadow. a few mortals within the wildlife the right way to faucet into this resource. Assassins. Necromancers. Hexblades. through all money owed, a ruthless lot. in spite of the fact that, no longer all beings that draw energy from the Shadowfell are vile, blackhearted fiends. a couple of even dare to name themselves heroes, utilizing the ability of darkness to struggle darkness. Are they evil? No. Deeply disturbed and hounded by way of their very own darkish demons? You bet. Player’s choice: Heroes of Shadow™ specializes in characters that struggle evil in ways in which make others balk. as well as exploring the character of the shadow energy resource, this publication provides races, periods, feats, powers, and different recommendations geared toward gamers hungry to play the archetypal antihero with a gloomy facet.

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At this point, fortune bends to help ensure your survival. Benefit: You gain a feature associated with your epic destiny. Level 25: Daily Power Mingling divine magic more deeply with shadow pays dividends, letting you lay waste to eneluies with spectacular success. Benefit: You can gain a new paladin daily attack power of your level or lower. 1f you do so, this new power must replace one of the daily attack powers you already have from your class (usually your lowestlevel daily attack power). Ravenous Shado\iVS The dead haunt your dreams and \vhisper in your mind, begging for release.

Your task as a striker is to deal damage to your foes, so Weapon Focus might be a good choice for you. Reacting quickly to the start of hostilities and being able to move where you need to be quickly are boons, so consider l1nproved Initiative or Eager Advance. Your Armor Class and other defenses are likely to be good, so you needn't worry about being alone on the battlefield as much as other strikers might. 1mproved Defenses can still be of benefit, since you're in the thick of every clash. Your heavy armor and shield are great in most combat situations, but they can cause mobility problems.

You also gain 5 temporary hit points. Level 11 : 10 temporary h it pOints. Level 21 : 15 temporary hit points. Levell: Spirit of Vice Your devotion to yo ur vice rewards you with a new level of pow cr. Benefit: You ga in a benefit associated with your vice (domination, page 46, or fury, page 47). Levell: Vengeance Strike The violence ofbattJe fuels your commitment to your vice. You draw strength froIll the carnage around ),011, fighting relentlessly against all opponents. Benefit: You gain the ven8eance strike power.

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