By Khenchen Thrangu, Dalai Lama

This e-book is a handy brief sensible handbook for Mahamudra practitioners on find out how to examine the brain.

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23 Now, if you sit with your body leaning to the left or to the right or leaning forward or backward or hunched over, then your mind naturally is not in a state of rest. If you sit up straight, the channels straighten and the winds move freely, and as a result, your mind will settle because the relationship between the 34 Pointing Out the Dharmakaya mind and the winds — or the fundamental energies within your body — is like the relationship between a rider and the horse on which the rider rides.

This meditative state is unclear. I must make it clear. Oh, this is not empty. I must somehow cause it to appear to be empty, because I expect it to be empty,” and so on. Being without such fabrication, such kinds of hope and anxiety, is this fourth condition. The attitude that one’s meditation must become good and that one must have pleasant experiences will tend to corrupt one’s practice of meditation. You need to take the attitude that, if meditation experiences of whatever kind occur, that is fine; if they do not, that is also fine.

The Uttaratantra by the Maitreya Buddha, for example, is divided into seven different vajra topics; the first three are about the three jewels, the fourth is about the Buddha essence, with the fifth about the qualities of enlightenment and the sixth about Buddha activity. The purpose of the Uttaratantra is to show us how all these enlightened qualities can be developed so that we can reach a point where true meditation can really arise in us. Gampopa’s Jewel Ornament of Liberation begins with the four thoughts that turn the mind and then discusses refuge.

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