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Best methodology & statistics books

How to Research

Research ideas to discover the data you would like This revised 3rd variation supplies helpful counsel on how to assemble facts, write proposals, and make shows. supplying you step by step innovations for the best and concentrated learn at school or paintings tasks, the way to examine comprises hands-on workouts that construct up talents and boost learn ideas worthy for any undertaking, in any box.

Teilhard's vision of the past: the making of a method

The Phenomenon of guy, through Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, has been characterised as metaphysics, poetry, and mysticism-virtually every little thing other than what its writer claimed it used to be: a simply clinical mmoir. Professor O'Connell the following follows up on a nest of clues, exposed first in an early unpublished essay, then within the sequence of essays contained mostly within the imaginative and prescient of the earlier.

Gene Transfer and Expression: A Laboratory Manual

A pragmatic handbook of protocols for attaining expression of international genes in mammalian cells. It contains a few very new innovations equivalent to PCR-based expression. the writer supplies a theoretical creation to the protocols and compares the strengths and weaknesses.

The economic laws of scientific research

'Dr Kealey's courageous, unique and discovered ebook makes a strong case for his unpopular perspectives. It needs to supply pause to any open-minded scholar of technological know-how coverage. ' - R. C. O. Matthews 'Not on account that J. D. Bernal has a practicing British scientist challenged traditional arguments in regards to the investment of technology so initially, and so powerfully.

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Were the methods sound? What motives did the publishers have for making sure their information had reached the public domain? Using web sites By developing these skills early in your work, you will start to think about your own research and any personal bias in your methods and reporting which may be present. The web sites of many universities now carry information about how to use the web carefully and sensibly for your research and it is worth accessing these before you begin your background work.

X The purpose of the research will provide an indicator to the most appropriate methods. X You should think about your personality, strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes when choosing research methods. FURTHER READING Balnaves, M. and Caputi, P. (2001) Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods: An Investigative Approach, London: Sage. R. (2000) Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Bryman, A. (2001) Social Research Methods, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hart, C. (2001) Doing a Literature Search, London: Sage. Spence, G. (2001) A Simple Guide to Internet Research, Harlow: Prentice Hall. 5 How to ChooseYour Participants As you continue planning your research project you need to think about how you’re going to choose your participants. By now you should have decided what type of people you need to contact. For some research projects, there will be only a small number of people within your research population, in which case it might be possible to contact everyone.

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