By David Thomas

You need to discover practical programming, yet are cast off through the tutorial think (tell me approximately monads only one extra time). you recognize you would like concurrent functions, but in addition comprehend those are nearly most unlikely to get correct. Meet Elixir, a practical, concurrent language equipped at the rock-solid Erlang VM. Elixir’s pragmatic syntax and integrated aid for metaprogramming will make you effective and hold you for the lengthy haul. This publication is the creation to Elixir for skilled programmers.

Maybe you would like anything that’s toward Ruby, yet with a battle-proven atmosphere that’s unequalled for enormous scalability, concurrency, distribution, and fault tolerance. possibly the time is correct for the subsequent mammoth factor. possibly it’s Elixir.

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Here I show the delimiters for regular-expression literals as { and }, but they are considerably more flexible. You can choose any nonalphanumeric characters as delimiters, as described in the discussion of sigils on page 108. Some people use ~r/…/ for nostalgic reasons, but this is less convenient than the bracketed forms, as any forward slashes inside the pattern must be escaped. Elixir regular expression support is provided by PCRE,1 which basically provides a Perl 5–compatible syntax for patterns.

For this, you use guard clauses. These are predicates that are attached to a function definition using one or more when keywords. When doing pattern matching, Elixir first does the conventional parameter-based match and then evaluates any when predicates, executing the function only if at least one predicate is true. what_is([1,2,3]) # => 99 is a number # => cat is an atom # => [1,2,3] is a list Recall our previous factorial example on page 46. exs defmodule Factorial do def of(0), do: 1 def of(n), do: n * of(n-1) end If we were to pass it a negative number, it would loop forever—no matter how many times you decrement n, it will never be zero.

Now, you could obviously bind a new value to your variable, but that doesn’t change the fact that the value 99 is still 99. Imagine programming in a world where you couldn’t rely on that—where some other code, possibly running in parallel with your own, could change the value of 99. In that world, the call to do_something_with might kick off code that runs in the background, passing it the value 99 as an argument. And that could change the contents of the parameter it receives. Suddenly, 99 could be 100.

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