By Immanuel Kant, CrossReach Publications, Dr. Paul Carus

Those Prolegomena are destined for the use, now not of students, yet of destiny lecturers, or even the latter are usually not count on that they are going to be serviceable for the systematic exposition of a ready-made technology, yet in simple terms for the invention of the technology itself. There are scholarly males, to whom the historical past of philosophy (both old and sleek) is philosophy itself; for those the current Prolegomena usually are not written. they have to wait until those that activity to attract from the fountain of cause itself have accomplished their paintings; it is going to then be the historian's flip to notify the area of what has been performed. regrettably, not anything could be acknowledged, which of their opinion has now not been acknowledged earlier than, and actually an identical prophecy applies to all destiny time; for because the human cause has for lots of centuries speculated upon innumerable items in a number of methods, it really is not often to be anticipated that we should always now not be capable to become aware of analogies for each new thought one of the previous sayings of previous a long time. My item is to cajole all those that imagine Metaphysics worthy learning, that it truly is totally essential to pause a second, and, neglecting all that has been performed, to suggest first the initial query, ‘Whether this sort of factor as metaphysics be in any respect possible?’

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The analysis of come {Anschauung') must to aid us. It alone makes the synthesis possible. Some other principles, assumed by geometers, are indeed actually analytical, and depend on the law of contradiction ; but they only serve, as identical propositions, as a method of concatenation, and not as a, the whole is equal to itself, or principles, e. , a = a-\-d>a, the whole is greater than its part. And yet even these, though they are recognised as valid from mere concepts, are only admitted in mathematics, because they can be represented in some visual form What usually makes us believe that {Anschauung').

36 by dissection of concepts, but syntheticand if pure intuition be wanting, thete is nothing in which the matter for synthetical judgments a priori can be given. Geometry is based upon the pure inanalytically ally, Arithmetic accomplishes tuition of space. of number its concept by the successive addition of units in time and-pure mechanics especially cannot attain its concepts of motion without employing the representation Both representations, however, are only inof time. tuitions ; for if we omit from the empirical intuitions of bodies and their alterations (motion) everything empirical, or belonging to sensation, space and time remain, which are therefore pure intuitions that a priori at the basis of the empirical.

We have therefore some at least uncontested knowledge a priori, and need not ask be possible, for it is actual, but how it is possible, in order that we may deduce from the principle which makes the given cognitions possible the synthetical whether it possibility of all the rest. The General Problem: How is Cognition from Pure Reason Possible? We have above learned the significant disbetween analytical and synthetical judgments. The possibility of analytical propositions was easily § 5. tinction : rant's prolegomena.

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