By R. A. Salvatore

The ebook was once hidden well.

It’s pages promised the facility of the Witch-King himself.

And now that it’s been stumbled on, even the truth that it kills a person silly adequate to crack its hide won’t cease humans from combating over it.

Welcome to the Bloodstone Lands!

Human murderer Artemis Entreri and his darkish elf better half Jarlaxle have come to the demon-haunted wastelands of the frozen north on the request in their dragon purchaser. It doesn’t take lengthy for them to discover themselves stuck in the midst of a fight among strong forces that will like not anything greater than to determine them either useless . . . or worse.

But Entreri and Jarlaxle aren’t simply any wandering sellswords, and the traditional evils and sour blood-feuds of the wild Bloodstone Lands could have ultimately met their fit.

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The En8ine disrupts the seals and wards of divine, primal, and arcane nature. THE ApPROACH The only way to reach St. Alabat is by way of a wind­ ing trail up a rugged and windswept section of the Dawnforge Mountains. vVhen the PCs reach the mon­ astery, they find the scene described in the tactical encounter. Tactical Encounter: M1: Deathwatch at Ravensroost (page 42). Winter of the Witch T HE RUINS The ruins of St. Alabat are across the bridge, on the side of the mountain atop a large ledge. Just outside the sundered monastery walls is a flat area where a group of Morthalat's cronies waits among the snow and trees for any interference in their master's plans (see "M1: Deathwatch at Ravensroost," page 42).

BLACKEARTHCEMETERY If the PCs fail the skill challenge, they are led to Blackearth Cemetery, the last known hideout ofVeira Rimefire. A wizard and petty thief, Veira once used the cemetery as a hideout, but now she is buried there. Getting to the cemetery is a two-day barge trip though the Skins, which are the treacherous bogs around Gloomwrought. Once there, it is easy to find Veira-or her grave. If the PCs try to dig up the grave to look for further clues, they are attacked by the des­ ecration that guards the place.

Necrotic Reach 4; +28 vs. AC; 3d6 + 15 necrotic damage, and ongoing 15 necrotic damage (save ends). ~ Double Attack (standard; at·will) .. Necrotic The desecration makes two unholy smite attacks. ~ Mouth of Darkness (standard; at-will) .. Necrotic Reach 4; +26 vs. Reflex; 2d12 + 15 necrotic damage, and the target is grabbed. (0 Dark Plague (when first bloodied and again when the desecration drops to 0 hit points) .. Necrotic Close burst 20; targets enemies; +24 vs. Fortitude; the target is weakened (save ends).

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