By John Steiner

How has Herbert Rosenfeld contributed to psychoanalysis today?

Rosenfeld in Retrospect provides unique psychoanalytic papers exhibiting the impact of Herbert Rosenfeld on psychoanalysis this present day, and reproduces a few of Rosenfeld's most vital scientific writings.

In the 1st a part of this publication, The convention Papers: modern advancements of Rosenfeld's Work, the editor brings jointly papers and discussions via Rosenfeld's famous contemporaries, Ronald Britton, Michael Feldman, Edna O'Shaughnessy, Hanna Segal and Riccardo Steiner who discover his contribution to psychoanalysis. John Steiner demonstrates the significance of Rosenfeld's vintage papers, and seriously surveys the extra arguable advancements in his later work. Part II contains 4 papers by way of Rosenfeld, selected by way of his colleagues to be his most important and unique contributions.

This assortment conveys Rosenfeld's liveliness and effect, and should be of curiosity to all of these interested in his work.

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Riviere, J. (1936) `A Contribution to the Analysis of the Negative Therapeutic Reaction', in International Journal of Psychoanalysis, vol. 17, 304. Rosenfeld, H. R. (1964) `On the Psychopathology of Narcissism', in Psychotic States: A Psycho-Analytical Approach (1965), New York: International Universities Press, 169±79. Rosenfeld, H. R. (1971) `A Clinical Approach to the Psychoanalytic Theory of the Life and Death Instincts: An Investigation into the Aggressive Aspects of Narcissism', in International Journal of Psychoanalysis, vol.

The ®rst I would describe as suffering from a predominantly 28 Ronald Britton destructive narcissistic disorder and the second from a predominantly defensive narcissistic disorder. What they have in common is the production, by projective identi®cation, of a narcissistic relationship with an ego ideal in order to evade a relationship with a destructive, parental super-ego. In the ®rst case however the destructiveness is carried over into the twin-relationship, this then becomes a murderous alliance, whereas in the second case it becomes a psychic retreat where primal ``happy love'' is sought in mutual understanding.

There are some disagreements about the actual interplay of the libidinal and destructive forces in narcissism. Ron describes Rosenfeld's view, as expressed by him in many papers, that it is important to distinguish ``between those narcissistic states in which the libidinal aspects predominate, from those where the destructive aspects of narcissism predominate''. He refers to my views saying, ``for her there is only destructive narcissism and libidinal narcissism doesn't exist''. This is not quite correct.

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