By E. David Ford

Scientists are likely to take the concept strategies that force their learn with no consideration, usually studying them ultimately by way of watching their supervisors and co-workers. This publication emphasizes some great benefits of being particular approximately those idea procedures and goals to aid these project ecological study to improve a severe angle to upcoming a systematic challenge and developing a approach for review. the end result is a textual content that offers a framework for figuring out methodological matters and which assists with the potent definition and making plans of ecological examine. As such, it represents a different source for someone embarking on their study occupation. It additionally offers a important resource of knowledge for these more matured researchers who're looking to advance the technique underlying their stories or who've an curiosity within the research of analysis equipment in ecology.

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These are all creative acts. Frequently, ‘‘Wnding a way where others have not’’ (Question 4) depends Wrst upon seeing a discrepancy in a way that others have not. Creativity in science can be stimulated by the continuous application of criticism. A critical approach is essential if an investigator is to be open to observations or results that do not Wt preconceptions or be prepared to measure or investigate things that other scientists have not. 4 p r o c ess 3: e ns u r i n g r es ea r c h is r el e van t 29 they apply to the new conditions.

The third deWnes how statistical inference will be made, if that is possible. 1 1. How can I come up with a question? 2. I have ideas and topics but I don’t have a project. 3. How can I reWne a question so that an answer can be obtained? Some people are drawn to research because they have a burning practical question they wish to resolve; some by what they have already learned about a particular subject. Ecology, resource management, and environmental science fascinate people. They want to make a contribution through research but are not sure how to start.

So being exact in science means being exact about how we deWne and use words. A philosophy is a system of thinking about things. We all have philosophies, though we may not think of them as such. The philosophy we hold can have a major inXuence on the way that we Wrst cast a scientiWc problem – and it is frequently our philosophy that we have to question rigorously. This book examines diVerent philosophies held by scientists and how they inXuence the approach to research. (4) Understand the strengths and weakness of science as a social activity.

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