By Sheila L. Cavanagh, Angela Failler, Rachel Alpha Johnston Hurst

An interdisciplinary research of epidermis bridging cultural and psychoanalytic concept to think about how the body's "exterior" is relevant to human subjectivity and family. The authors discover racialization, physique amendment, self-harm, and comedic representations of pores and skin, drawing from the medical area, visible arts, pop culture, and literature.

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As a result, it is the skin ego that organizes and synthesizes the stimuli directed at the mind. The skin ego, then, is that which enables the infant to feel that its mind is neither “over-charged” nor “under-charged” by the stimuli that surround it. ” In the same way the skin records the external traces of the infant’s life experiences, the skin ego records the internal traces of these experiences. As Anzieu writes: “The Skin Ego is the original parchment which preserves, like a palimpsest, the erased, scratched-out, writtenover, first outlines of an ‘original’ pre-verbal writing made up of traces upon the skin” (Anzieu, 1989, p.

Similarly, Steven Pile (2009, pp. 134–54) has used Anzieu’s inscription function to theorize representations of memory in film, while Francette Pacteau (1994) has used the intersensoriality function to think about clothing and fashion. All of these authors show that if worked on and over, Marc Lafrance 31 Anzieu’s work has the potential to give cultural theorists a sustained and suggestive approach to human subjectivity. The Psychic Envelope For Anzieu, the skin ego is modeled not only on the experience of the tactile sense organ, but on the experience of the auditory, olfactory, gustatory and visual sense organs.

4. This translation is my own. 5. This translation is my own. 6. A few words of warning before we proceed. To start, it is difficult to avoid sounding inflammatory when presenting an introduction to Anzieu’s critique of Lacan. This is due to the fact that Anzieu’s critique is, by its very nature, inflammatory. As even a cursory glance at his interviews makes clear, there is little in the way of subtlety where Anzieu’s characterizations Marc Lafrance 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 41 of Lacan are concerned; they are bold, relentless and, at times, rather mean-spirited.

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