By K. Sommerrock

Exploring how social entrepreneurial organisations are literally capable of create options that take on social and ecological difficulties this book makes out incentives as a key component to their price production and identifies particular concepts for social worth production.

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21 22 The Social Entrepreneurship Phenomenon Historic examples When analysing the evolution of social entrepreneurship, its roots can be found in the people who fulfilled functions similar to social entrepreneurs in past centuries. There are various international examples of social entrepreneurs in history. 6 Historically, social entrepreneurs seem to have appeared during times when social problems were not being solved by the state – for example, during the time of industrialization. 7 The effects of industrialization changed working and living conditions, and the labour exploitation of women and children produced a strong need for social action that was not fulfilled immediately by the state.

This analysis is followed by an integration of the two terms by juxtaposing social entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in order to investigate their commonalities and differences. Entrepreneurship To a large extent, the difficulty of defining social entrepreneurship is rooted in the variety of definitions that exist for the term entrepreneurship. ’7 The reason for this disagreement on the definition of entrepreneurship lies in the fact that, as a concept with various facets, entrepreneurship is not limited to one academic discipline.

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