By Ray Vallese

Whatever Wild is a PLANESCAPE experience for 4 to 6 characters of 4th to seventh degrees. while Sigil falls prey to stressful nightmares and outbreaks of violent fury, the heroes needs to persist with bloody trails to the treacherous peaks of Carceri and the savage jungles of the Beastlands. An historic terror threatens the planes anew, and in simple terms the participant characters can cease it from feasting at the flesh of the multiverse.

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However, if you wish, you can allow the party to obtain a tooth (or a Malarite guide), leave the realm, and find their own way off the plane. The only other known gates are on Othrys, the first layer; the PCs can climb to that layer and find an off-plane gate or sail the River Styx (which only takes them to other Lower Planes). You can also let the PCs stumble across other gates in the gehreleth lair. But if the heroes leave Carceri by any of these methods, they must make their own way to the Beastlands.

T- s + THE stalking G R O U N D S + The PCs’ arrival on Carceri determines where they enter the stalking grounds. Refer to the map of the area on the adventure folder. If the PCs were sold to the Malarites as prisoners from the Vault, they wake up at the spot marked “PCs” on the map. ” Coming from Garond’s den or Starkad’s den, they can enter the stalking grounds at any h Doint. “ This section provides encounters the PCs can have while exploring the grounds; each scene is keyed to a particular spot on the map.

She adults and eight children, all in olive knows that the triangles come from gehreleths, and that the Deliverers carry them through the ’leth lair to journey green furs - Garond took his Deliverers and a hand-picked to another land of prey. crew of Malarites with him to Krigala. Under Venia’s leadership, the pack is hostile toward P E N D E L L +HE hostage other dens (particularly Starkad’s) and downright brutal toward outsiders. They’ve captured a dwarf named Pendell, If the PCs get Venia talking, she mentions that her hunters a Mercykiller guard from the Vault who came to the realm have come across a “tidy little prize” that might interest to meet with Starkad.

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