By Anthony Pryor

The Spellbound crusade enlargement boxed set includes: * A 128-page crusade consultant to the 3 international locations, together with urban maps and specified websites, new personality kits, spells, magical goods, and significant NPCs. * 32-page adventures that immerse the desktops within the often-deadly energy politics of the zone. In Throne of Deceit the characters needs to safeguard Rashemen from a dangerous invasion via Thayan wiardry. The Runes of Chaos sends adventurers into the guts of Thay itself to foil the mad schemes of the would-be Thayan conqueror Szass Tam. * A 16-page sizeable COMPENDIUM book that includes twisted Thayan creations, the unpredictable nature spirits of Rashemen, and fearie creatures from the depths of Aglarond's magical Yuirwood. * 8 full-sized card sheets offering experience hooks and stumble upon charts for the 3 nation-states, invaluable DM info, and participant aids for the adventures. * 3 full-color maps - of the quarter, exhibiting larger aspect than ever obvious prior to, and considered one of Eltabbar, the capital urban of Thay.

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Temple of Bane As everyone in the Realms knows, Bane was destroyed during the Time of Troubles, and most of his powers were usurped by Cyric, the new god of evil and strife. Just the same, Bane’s worship was so popular in Thay that a small number of priests maintains his temple and prays for his return. High priestess Cothra (CE hf C11) keeps this jet-black fane clean and even leads services for those who wish to attend. She also worships Iyachtu Xvim, who provides her with spells. 57. Street of White Roses This region, which in other cities would be known as the “Red Lantern District,” is one of the most lawless in this highly lawless city.

Temple of Shar Eternal foe of Selûne and sometime ally of Cyric, Shar is quite popular in Thay. Since Cyric’s decline and Iyachtu Xvim’s ascendancy, Shar has been associated with the Godson as well. Black-robed and hooded priestess and priestesses of Shar work here, coordinating their secret war against the followers of Selûne and doing mischief throughout the Realms. Many citizens of Bezantur, including Red Wizards and even the clergy of other evil faiths, attend services in this long, dark stone temple which terminates in a vast amphitheater where dark magic and black rites are performed.

Temple of Talona This squat, gray, fortresslike building is headquarters for the faith of Talona in Thay. Unlike most regions of Faerûn, Talona’s worship is out in the open here and has a devoted following. Priests and priestesses are fancifully scarred and tattooed, and revel in the spread of poison, suffering, and disease. Despite the fact that Talona’s worship is relatively overt, she is still not popular with the general public, and even the Red Wizards are ready to believe that her devotees are responsible for the occasional plagues, epidemics, and (many more) poisonings that take place in the city.

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