By Carl E. Pickhardt Ph.D.

  Parenting expert Carl E. Pickhardt brings his enormous adventure to tackling the main pervasive and tough difficulties mom and dad face in childrearing. Whereas many books on family members clash specialize in the prickly teenage years, Pickhardt takes the lengthy view and treats a large diversity of ages--starting from the early baby years all through university. He empowers mom and dad to show clash into a chance to interact with their young children on a deeper point. Readers will examine to:- deal with emotion in the course of a struggle so you might pay attention the sentiments in the back of the vitriol with out taking offense.  - provide feedback to young ones in a manner that makes a speciality of the habit and never the person.  - discover a hook inside silent tension that will let you connect with your kid's emotions and exhibit them how to empathize with yours.- Consider your kid's perspective in the course of a confrontation and train them to voice their grievances with appreciate. With a particular emphasis on the best way to distinguish forms of clash depending on age and gender, Pickhardt indicates mom and dad how to turn the daily battles into possibilities for progress. this can be a useful consultant that is helping mom and dad confront tough matters with which all households grapple.

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COOPERATION AND CONFLICT ● ● 45 Conflict is a matter of mutual choice that requires the cooperation of parent and child for them to jointly confront, conduct, and resolve their disagreement. Cooperation creates conflict, between siblings for example, by raising questions over how to share a common interest and decide what constitutes a fair share. This page intentionally left blank 2 EMOTION AND CONFLICT E ver present in family conflict is the problematic role that emotion can play. To the good, emotion can sensitize parent and child to each other’s feelings; to the bad, it can become too intense, inflaming feelings, impairing judgment, and reducing wiser self-restraint.

Another approach is to mediate a settlement. ” The “chooser,” who is no doubt microscopically attuned to any minute difference in the size of the “halves,” feels like the winner when he gets the bigger piece. UNFAIRNESS Unfairness is a cooperation issue that arises when sharing feels inequitable. Children are always accusing parents of being unfair. A sister complains that a brother has freedom that is denied to her, that a chore is demanded from one sibling that another is spared, imposing a double standard that is unjust.

Both disengaging and engaging in conflict can be difficult. CONFLICT CAN BE CHALLENGING TO DO Parenting a teenager is neither a popularity contest nor a peaceful undertaking. As you advocate behavior that you feel is in your teenager’s best interests, you run up against a young person who COOPERATION AND CONFLICT 33 strenuously objects to your decisions. This will happen when you dare to ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ask about what he doesn’t want to discuss, confront him on behavior he wants ignored, demand effort he doesn’t want to make, deny the freedom he requests, insist on agreements he doesn’t want to keep, hold him accountable for consequences he doesn’t want to face, or correct him for misbehavior.

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