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Compassion and Critical Theory The early works of Horkheimer are often overlooked, which has been a great detriment to critical theory. These works, indeed, merit renewed attention because they contain the roots of an important, although easily obscured, compassionate strain within critical theory that must be used to animate present work. Psychoanalysis, which never ceases to impel the subject to work toward her emancipation, can be used to support and develop this tendency. First, however, it must be located in critical theory.

Through a privileged form of communication that aids the subject in exposition and critique, the repeated can be remembered, owned, and transformed into the new. In communication with the analyst, therefore, the subject can come together as a self-determining unit, as Winnicott proclaims, “an expression of I AM, I am alive, I am myself. ” creative. 66 26 ● Subterranean b Politics l and d Freud’s d Legacy Transference is effective where it demands self-actualizing communication, sparks reflection, and supports individuation.

In his mature optimism, indeed, Freud bound theory immediately to practice Freud d and d the h Criticall Method h d ● 35 meant to draw out the repressed emancipatory potential contained within the inner and social lives of human beings. His methods allowed that potential, once recognized, to manifest in line with the growing creative will off the strengthening subject. This is optimism at its most radical. Freud found the dual grounding for this optimism, in other words, in theory divorced from weltanschauung and the historical capacity of societyy itself to mature.

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