By John E. Gedo

In The Biology of scientific Encounters, Gedo makes use of fresh findings in neuroscience and cognitive psychology to intricate his belief of psychobiology and to think about its implications in medical analysis.  He pursues this demanding project in different directions.  He illuminates the way psychobiology enters into his hierarchical version of psychological functioning, and is going directly to learn three clinical syndromes - phobias, obsessions, and affective disturbances - within which organic concerns are quite important.  Of particular notice are chapters reading the results of a organic method for medical psychoanalysis.  Gedo explores the idea of transference that grows out of attentiveness to psychobiological components, elaborates the concept of therapeutics that follows from having a look past psychological contents, and discusses the matter of assessing medical proof produced through analyses trained via a psychobiological orientation.  Drawing on his personal analytic paintings of over 3 a long time, he compares analyses conducted with a psychobiological orientation with the result of analyses performed past in his career with a extra conventional mental process.

A stimulating creation to the interpenetration of the organic and the mental in medical work, The Biology of medical Encounters is fundamental Gedo: scholarly in conception, elegant in tone, provocative in import, and illuminating, consistently, of basic issues about the prestige of psychoanalysis as a technology of brain.  

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On the basis of these hypotheses, Fraiberg later devised elaborate protocols by means of which the caretakers of congenitally blind infants are able to maximize the perception of the human surround through alternate perceptual modalities. The use of such measures has proved to be highly successful in minimizing the risk of autism in this population. Incidentally, although her handicaps were not strictly speaking congenital, the celebrated case of Helen Keller long ago demonstrated that there is no substitute for the right kind of human transactions in promoting favorable personality development (see Dahl, 1965).

My overall impression is that the opportunity to make use of a great talent permits these people to master contingencies, particularly in the realm of self-esteem regulation, that tend to crush more ordinary persons. I do not mean simply that in adult life scientific or artistic accomplishment will compensate one for a variety of other troubles, although that statement is evidently correct. Beyond that, I have found that many of these people begin their creative careers in childhood by arriving at original conceptions of the confusing life situations in which they find themselves.

For example, one of my patients was able to save herself from being sucked into a folie-à-deux with her dotty mother by coming to the solitary realization, around the age of two and a half, that the mother was delusional in her overestimation of the child. Most of us would be incapable of that feat at any age! In the confusing welter of biological and environmental circumstances that constitutes a life, what seems to add up to the enduring organismic characteristics we call “personality” are guiding memories of past experience, including (of course) the outcomes of particular adaptive solutions attempted.

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