By Philip Sabin, Hans van Wees, Michael Whitby

I've got simply complete examining the 1st quantity of the 2, and the overview is written dependent upon the 1st publication. regardless of the name this isn't a historical past of Greek and Roman battle, yet really a chain of essays equipped in keeping with subject. the standard of the writing varies greatly, from the wonderful prose of Lendon to the tough and nearly unreadable essays by means of Hornblower and corridor. the simplest essays are these by means of Hanson(historiography of historical conflict) Whitby (reconstructing historical Wrfare) Strauss (Naval wrestle and sieges) Billows (international relatives) Sekunda (Land forces) Roth(War) Sabin(land battles) Serrati (Warfare and the state). The association of this quantity is bizarre, and to me non-intuitive (yet it kind of feels to be the hot sort followed by way of Cambridge collage Press as could be visible of their volumes on seventeenth century philosophy) since it is split into sections and every into chapters that replicate the former part there's a vacuum of history info or continuity. it is crucial to have a deep wisdom of the interval (as good as deep wallet to come up with the money for the book!) and a guide reminiscent of Montagu's "Battles of the Greek and Roman Worlds" available.

The bibliography is great, the maps are solid, the illustrations terrible. At this fee it truly is disgraceful that they're black and white, and a few of include of the poorest caliber of copy. P. 384 has a photograph of the through Appia that appears as though it used to be photocopied out of a 1950's university textbook!P.427 "Legion vs Phalanx at Pydna" is just too small and missing not like comprehend the aspect, and the reproductions of Greek pottery are sad.

Yet this can be a very illuminating quantity.

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Austin (1979); Bachrach (1993); Elton (1996b); Matthews (1989). 33 Two recent collections of translated primary texts concerning ancient warfare are Campbell (1994) on Rome, and Sage (1996) for Greece. The earlier collation of scholarly books and articles about Greek warfare by Lammert (1941), and the series of articles on Roman military bibliography by Bl¨umlein (1925), (1928), (1935), (1941), have recently been continued by Lonis (1985) for subsequent scholarship on Greek warfare between 1968 and 1983.

4 While nineteenth-century ancient military historians themselves were often officers, nevertheless the modern discipline was formally born under the aegis of the renaissance in classical scholarship of the times. The appearance by the mid-nineteenth century of comprehensive lexica of the classical languages, epigraphical compendia, scholarly journals and systematic archaeological exploration and publication meant that ancient fighting would not remain the domain of retired officers or interested autodidacts.

Cf also Hanson (1999c). 31 Carman and Harding (1999); Drews (1993); Ferrill (1985). 33 At no time in the past have scholars of ancient military history had access to such wide-ranging research tools. A rare opportunity presently exists to publish reference works, general history and popular accounts on ancient war that draw on these specialized sources of information, reflecting the energy of the creators of the field without blind allegiance to a single method of enquiry of the past. In an era of the most sustained peace in Europe in several centuries, the study of Greek and Roman warfare is nevertheless enjoying a renaissance akin to the popularity that it once enjoyed toward the close of the nineteenth century – suggesting that so far the widely diverse approaches and methods of research have enhanced rather than diluted interest in the story of the classical world at war.

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