By Margaret M. Miles

An archaeological research of town Eleusinion in Athens, the sanctuary of Eleusinian Demeter and town terminus for the yearly Eleusinian Mysteries. The ebook offers the stratigraphical proof from excavations of part of the sanctuary (conducted within the Thirties and 1959-1960), the continues to be of the Temple of Triptolemos, a Hellenistic stoa, and a propylon, and includes wide descriptions of the context pottery, a dialogue of the ritual vessel plemochoe, and catalogues of inscriptions, sculpture, and architectural items from the sanctuary. there's a survey of the topography of the sanctuary and its environs at the North Slope of the Acropolis, and a dialogue of its courting to Eleusis and its place as a landmark in the urban of Athens. on account that a good portion of the sanctuary nonetheless lies unexcavated lower than the fashionable urban, the booklet incorporates a particular review of the single proof identified up to now for a few of the levels of use of the sanctuary, from the earliest proof of the seventh century B.C. to the overdue vintage period.

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The Athenian Agora: Excavations of 1970," Hesperia40, 1971, pp. 259-260; ShearJr. 1973). Within the Athenian Agora, the crossroadsshrine in the northwest corner enclosed an outcropping of bedrock (ShearJr. 1973a, pp. 126-130; 1973b, pp. 360-369); Camp 1986, pp. 78-82. 5). For furtherdiscussion of cults using stones (portable, for the most part), see: E. Maas, "Heilige Steine," RhM 78, 1929, pp. 1-25; Latte, RE III (1929), cols. 2295-2305 (1929); Nilsson, GGR,I3, pp. 201-206; Kron 1992b; on portable sacred stones at Eleusis, and a sacred official called 6 XOO6cpopo; TroO ltepoi XtOou,see Clinton, Mythand Cult,pp.

Clinton shows that there is virtually no evidence for a "national"celebration of the festival and abundant evidence for local celebrations;he also suggests that the City Eleusinion may have been the local Thesmophorion for the deme Melite (1996). Multiple Thesmophoria have been excavated at Gela (Le Dinahet 1984, pp. 138-140; Holloway 1991, pp. 55-63; Kron 1992a), and at least five sanctuaries of Demeter have been found in Syracuse (Voza 1981, 1985; Wescoat 1989, pp. 97-101). For the Thesmophorion at Eretria, see Metzger 1985.

259-279. Larson (1995) provides a full discussion of heroine cults in Athens and elsewhere in Greece. )legs Rider/horse Shields Plaques Other 39 0 94 0 2 2 0 1 4 2 8 0 4 6 2 2 3 0 1 4 3 8 0 4 9 3 H 17:4 1 3 3+ frags. 1 1 0 22+ frags. 2 unknown 2 33 6 1 TABLE 1. Terracotta Figurines and Fragments from Three Protoattic Deposits THE ROCKY OUTCROP The one obvious topographical feature of the upper terrace that must have been prominent even in the earliest periods is a raised outcropping of bedrock.

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