By Salomon Resnik

In a protracted and distinct profession Salomon Resnik has tested himself as a psychoanalyst of overseas recognition. the current quantity gathers jointly, for the 1st time in an English translation, writings crucial for a fuller realizing of his very important and unique rules.

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Some children have powerful innate tendencies such as greediness or aggressiveness that make the mother's task much more difficult. But if the mother has good emotional rapport with her baby, she will be able to 7 40 THE DELUSIONAL PERSON address situations of conflict much more easily. If the mother is not in touch with her own feelings—in other words, if she is cut off from herself—the whole mother-child relationship will also be split and incomplete. Some mothers may be physically very close to their offspring, but not emotionally close.

This is mankind's natural metaphysics. The schizophrenic's curiosity and fascination with the un­ known are inseparable from his ontological anxiety. Since the psy­ 13 13 1 shall explain this term fully in chapter eight. THE DELUSIONAL 18 PERSON chotic individual cannot tolerate the anxiety of not understanding, he tries either to deny his curiosity or to construct for himself his own "organized" world. He must rework and remodel this overtly painful confrontation with internal and external reality into a delu­ sion (delusional system), thanks to which mystery is henceforth inhabited and the unknown known.

I would add that psychotic patients are unable to tolerate not only pain, but also pleasure—sometimes they cannot even stand their own existence. They are sometimes so fragile and sensitive that the very experience of feelings is unbearable. This is why they "decide" unconsciously to be petrified or frozen (Resnik, 1999). I have also learned that they are nevertheless able to think— in their own way—so that there always exists something that we could call "schizophrenic language", made up of bits and pieces of psychotic and non-psychotic experience.

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