By Muhammad Iqbal

1908. This paintings marks the 1st and merely historic account of Persia's philosophical suggestion and the credits of its notion is going to Iqbal. Contents: half I Pre-Islamic Persian Philosophy; and half II Greek Dualism.

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5. Salvation is the salvation of individuals from time and history, not the salvation of a community through time and history. 6. History is interpreted as a process of deterioration, leading to the inescapable self-destruction of a world era. 7. 3 In contrast to these characteristics are the characteristics of what Tillich called the historical interpretation of history: 1. History is an independent and, finally, the outstanding category of interpreting reality. 34 THE METAPHYSICS OF MODERN EXISTENCE 2.

Theologians have avoided alliances with the sciences for many decades because of the bitter conflict over evolution of the last century, a battle not quite concluded on the popular level where Christian fundamentalists continue to maintain the literal truth of the Bible against the discoveries of science. But thinkers such as Paul Tillich (1886–1965) have long since pushed their analysis beyond the literal truths of religion in an effort to refine the basis upon which theological and religious truth can be apprehended and articulated.

When we compare religious traditions that make space a more dominant value than time, we discover that the society orients itself around geographical phenomena, making land the important value and restricting the memories of the group to a tradition in which the chronology of events is not as important as the intensity with which they are remembered. It is more important for such groups to be able to say that certain events happened here and there rather than when. Perhaps the best conclusion we can draw from this tension between A DIVIDED VISION 39 time and space is that they would seem to function in relationship to each other and that no tradition has totally escaped confronting the manner in which human beings respond to times and places.

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