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Discover the unexplored - input The Wilds of the Forgotten Realms(R)!

at the border of a deadly, magically risky region referred to as the Plaguewrought Lands, the chief of a cult looking the unfold of this wild magic and an alchemist who desires to regulate it sign up for forces and create an elixir that enables pilgrims to outlive the Plaguewrought Lands. yet just one can prevail. a tender guy with unusual powers and a priestess of the god of loss of life may also help make sure who.

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All Kiril Duskmourn does is administered away--from guilt, from her previous, and from her obligations. yet she can't run any more. She misplaced every thing preventing the Traitor from loosing his unholy revolution, and now the bindings on his cellphone are weakening. She on my own holds the major to his free up or extra imprisonment. yet does she nonetheless have the strength of mind and arm to make the proper choice?

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When T’Laan originally constructed the tower, h e never expected it to be entered by any group of adventurers, so there are no traps throughout the castle. But the vampire is crafty, so the DM is encouraged t o plan spur-of-the-moment traps and other impromptu hazards set up by the vampire. T’Laan took the time t o build things into his lair that are fit for mortals only. For example, a vampire has little need for a washroom or a kitchen, but they exist in the lair. This is d u e t o his affinity to be around mortals and study them.

T’Laan has not tainted it. If the party consumes the food, they will find enough here to allow them to live indefinitely on it. The dinnerware includes china plates, bowls, and cups, crystal glasses, and silver flatware. Collectively, it would easily be worth 3,000 gold pieces or more. 6. Secret sleeping chamber. It is unlikely that the party will enter this room. The series of secret doors leading to it are so clever and intricate that the chance for a character to find one of them is reduced by 1.

Because the ships are fighting in the phlogiston, consider fire to be “physically impossible” a s is discussed in the text of a fire critical hit. If a ship shaken critical hit occurs and the NPCs fail their die roll (40% chance to fail), then the following two effects occur: 1. For the next round, the ship must travel in a straight line at its current speed. 2. N o weapon firing or reloading activities can occur the next round. Ignore optional field of fire rules on page 61 of the Concordance afArcane Space.

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