By R. A. Salvatore

R.A. Salvatore's The Cleric Quintet tells the story of the scholar-priest Cadderly, who's plucked from the halls of the Edificant Library to meet a heroic quest around the land of Faerûn.

Cadderly leads the mixed forces of Carradoon and Shilmista opposed to fortress Trinity, stronghold of his enemy Aballister. yet one other project calls him on a trip major right into a previous he was hoping he will be in a position to disregard.

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He asked. He and Dorigen could settle their score after the immediate threat was eliminated, but for the time being, they both had greater problems. The spirit of Bogo Rath had returned to Aballister the previous night, with the information that Cadderly was indeed on his way to Castle Trinity. The report inspired both trepidation and exhilaration in the older wizard. Aballister was obsessed with conquering the realm of Erlkazar, a goal given to him by an avatar of Talona herself, and Cadderly certainly seemed to be among the foremost obstacles to those designs.

At a campsite far down the mountain trails from Cadderly’s company, four travelers slept soundly. They didn’t notice their campfire take on a momentary blue cast, and didn’t notice the canine face of Druzil the imp peering out at them from within the flames. Druzil muttered curses under his raspy breath, using the crackle of flames to cover his undeniable anger. The imp detested his scouting mission, figuring he would spend many hours of sheer boredom listening to the snores of inconsequential humans.

The older wizard backed up a step and pulled a strand of hair from his lips, glowering at Dorigen. “I didn’t realize you were so close,” Dorigen apologized weakly. “Of course,” replied Aballister in similarly feigned tones. Dorigen clearly recognized his anger, but sensed that he would accept her insult without much complaint. Aballister had broken his own scrying device, a magical mirror, and the experience had left him fearful of any more attempts at clairvoyance. He needed Dorigen. She was quite skilled at the Art.

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