By Chokling Dewey Dorje, Dudjom Rinpoche, Chökyi Nyima, Tulku Urgyen, Marcia Binder Schmidt, Eric Pema Kunsang

Vajrayana Buddhism differs from different branches of Buddhism in supplying an sped up route to enlightenment in line with Dzogchen ideas. The be aware dzogchen, translated variously as nice Perfection and nice Completeness, conveys the concept our nature as intrinsic knowledge has many characteristics that make it “perfect”: indestructibility, incorruptible purity, non-discriminating openness, perfect readability, profound simplicity, all-pervading presence, and angle of equality towards all beings. the trail to connecting to those traits was secretly held and privately transmitted; The nice Gate: A Guidebook to the Guru’s middle perform makes the Vajrayana direction and methods on hand to modern seekers. Drawing at the paintings of 4 well known Tibetan masters, The nice Gate compiles concise directions on Dzogchen’s foundational practices, which contain a robust process for turning the brain towards the Dharma and starting to the Dzogchen point of view. This revised variation contains a new translation and an intensive remark by means of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche.

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The four centers of the guru are marked with the embodiments of the vajra body, speech, mind and wisdom of all the buddhas: the white OM in his crown center, the red AH in his throat center, the blue HUNG in his heart center and the orange HRIH in his navel center. From these places white, red, blue and multicolored rays of light shine forth. They dissolve into my four centers and I receive the four empowerments. Imagining that, say: From the four places of the body of the glorious guru Rays of light stream forth and dissolve into my four places.

You are the embodied mystery of the body, speech and mind of all the enlightened ones. You remain as the central figure in infinite mandalas. " When we thus requested, ·he answered with a joyful smile on his radiant face and in a voice melodious like Brahma 's: "It is indeed good that you perceive and request in this way. " The Great Gate 27 At that moment we felt tremendous devotion, joy and courage, and again requested: "Please listen, precious master! It is a great kindness that you are revealing your wisdom mind in bestowing upon us in vajra words this tantra of advice and oral instruction.

As said, there are the general and special preliminaries. The General Preliminaries The general preliminaries has four parts. These are the contemplations on: 1. The difficulty of finding the freedoms and riches. 2. The impermanence of life. 3. The cause and effect ofkarma. 4. The inherent faults of samsara. 1. The Difficulty of Finding the Freedoms and Riches These freedoms and riches are very hard to find. If I do not take advantage of them now To accomplish the benefit of beings, Later on, how will I truly attain them?

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