By R. A. Salvatore

A brand new mass marketplace version of the New York Times best-selling sword and sorcery vintage, The Legacy is Drizzt at his scimitar-wielding best!

Having chanced on a degree of peace one of the dwarves within the reclaimed Mithral corridor, Drizzt starts to grasp contentment for possibly the 1st time in his tumultuous existence. yet for a gloomy elf renegade from a urban governed by means of priestesses of a demon goddess, no peace can lengthy final. it's Lolth herself, the feared Queen of the Demonweb Pits, who musters her fans to pour up from the black depths of the Underdark to reclaim for his or her goddess the single soul that had controlled to elude her. The soul of Drizzt Do'Urden.

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The Inner Rooms are where the most powerful magical tomes are kept and where none but the Great Readers may go, except in the direct company of the Keeper or the First Reader. The central, highest fortress of the Keep is surrounded by a terraced rock garden of many trees, where natural springs rise and bubble down the rocks in small cascades and pools. These beautiful grounds descend to a ring of buildings along the inside of the massive outer walls: guesthouses, stables, granaries, a warehouse, an infirmary, a temple to Oghma, and shrines to Deneir, Gond, and Milil.

In winter, don’t expect the food to arrive very warm! This is a good little place, with several small rooms to stay in adorned with donated bric-abrac from loyal regulars. It’s a delight to find enough cushions in a room to let one sit up in bed in comfort! Inns Feldepost’s Inn Named for its now-deceased founder, this is an old and comfortable place. Service is careful and kindly, if a trifle slow, but a room comes with a fire alight (except in hot weather), and a bath that is skillfully filled to one’s own taste in warmth by several old men of many smiles but few words.

Some old rope, stained here and there with the blood of adventurers? Some dusty wine bottles from a shipwreck, terribly old but contents unknown? A book in a language nobody seems 41 able to read? A stuffed wyvern head with one tooth missing? Some old court clothes from Calimport? Torleth will sell them to you—for whatever low price you can both agree to shake hands on. It’s a place some adventurers refuse to pass without striding in for just a quick look around—a look that can last all morning, of course.

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