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Книга The Marshals of Alexander's Empire The Marshals of Alexander's Empire Книги Исторические Автор: Waldemar Heckel Год издания: 1993 Формат: pdf Издат.:Routledge Страниц: 444 Размер: 2,9 Mb ISBN: 0415050537 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:The successors of Alexander the nice have been neither his closest neighbors nor his such a lot widespread generals. yet simply because those marshals worked in his shadow, their careers and contributions to Alexander's luck were ignored via historians, historical and smooth. the first goal of this booklet is to convey them to light.Waldemar Heckel offers an interpretative prosopographical learn of greater than a hundred thirty officials who served Alexander the nice. As such, The Marshals of Alexander's Empire is a revision, a continuation and a variety of H. Berve's Das Alexanderreich aup prosopographischer Grunlage, quantity 2 (Munich, 1926). The Marshals of Alexander's Empire offers the 1st complete dialogue in English of the careers of Alexander's Macedonian officials and closest pals.

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1–3. 85 The rivalry between the friends of Amyntas Perdikka and those of Alexander calls to mind the remarks of the younger Kyros who (in Xenophon, Anab. 6–7) remarks that his brother’s friends administer the satrapies of the empire, but, if he (Kyros) should be victorious, he would make his own friends masters over these. See further Heckel, Ancient Macedonia iv 293 ff, esp. 302–304. 86 Plut. Alex. 3: . The ‘Old Guard’ 25 For Alexander’s inner circle of friends, Philotas’ error in judgment afforded the perfect opportunity for securing his elimination (Curt.

The marshals of Alexander's empire 26 Krateros’ opposition to Philotas can be easily understood; he was loyal and ambitious, and in both respects he proved a natural enemy of Philotas. From the time of the epiboule in Egypt, he appears to have actively opposed Philotas. Hephaistion, on the other hand, made use of a more subtle power, his personal influence with Alexander. Two other individuals exemplify the opportunism of Makedonian politics, Koinos and Amyntas. Both stood to lose more than they could gain and turned a potentially disastrous situation to their advantage.

Upon surrounding the Illyrians of Kleitos in the town of Pellion, Alexander sent Philotas with sufficient horsemen to protect a foraging party. These, however, were surrounded by Glaukias and the Taulantians, who had come 64 For Parmenion’s death see Arr. 3–4; Curt. 33–34; Plut. Alex. 13; Diod. 3. For Polydamas: Arr. 3. 3; Curt. 11 ff. 12, for the hostages: fratres may be an error for filii). Parmenion’s murderers: Kleandros, Menidas and Sitalkes (Arr. 3); Kleandros (Curt. ); Kleandros, Agathon, Sitalkes and Herakon (Curt.

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