By Rob Heinsoo

Climb aboard an astral skiff and set sail for adventure!The experience chances are boundless. at the Astral Sea, characters face off opposed to angels, devils, githyanki, or even the gods and their exarchs whereas exploring dungeons, raiding astral galleons, and setting up themselves as demigods. This online game complement builds at the evaluation of the Astral Sea awarded within the guide of the Planes™ video game complement and explores the heavenly airplane is larger element. From the cavernous layers of 9 Hells to the darkish dungeons of Tytherion, experience awaits in each astral dominion and at the sizeable, uncharted sea that stretches among them.This online game complement describes the Astral Sea intimately, that includes key destinations during the airplane. It additionally provides a large number of recent monsters, in addition to experience hooks, encounters, risks, and every thing Dungeon Masters have the desire to make the Astral Sea a featured surroundings of their campaigns.

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The gods live on the three tall­ est mountains, which are collectively known as the throne peaks. Each deity can reshape his peak at will to suit his personality and needs. Travelers nearing Celestia sail into the gray waters that surround the islands of the Foothills. After navi· gating the Foothills, they come to the dominion's shimmering golden veil. Piercing the veil brings them onto a band of soothing green water lapping at Celes­ tia's shores. A nightless realm, Celestia is lit by the radiance of its mountains.

As patron of fury and ven­ geance, the exarch Shevarash is qUick to take offense at mortals (who irritate him just by existing) and chooses to join wholeheartedly in doomed Hunts. He has led hundreds of ruesti to their final, albeit glori­ ous, deaths. The Empire of Estaira: Estaira, the most built-up realm in Arvandor, is an evolving blend of a perfect fey kingdom and a realm touched by humans, half­ lings, and exalted of all races. With banners lifting in the wind, fantastic fluting towers rise from the cliffs ofEstaira to stand vigil over those who would enter the seas ofArvandor.

THE WORLD OF THE GODS Each of the divine dominions detailed in this chapter is the home of one or more deities, countless angels and other divine servitors such as exarchs, and the embodied soulforms of mortal worshipers known as exalted enjoying an afterlife in the presence of their god. An archipelago of between a dozen and two hun­ dred smaller islands surrounds each functioning dominion. The border islands rise from the substance of the Astral Sea, apparently as a consequence ofthe leftover magic of the Lattice of Heaven.

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