By Ralph Metzner, Richard Alpert, Karma-Glin-Pa Bar Do Thos Grol, Timothy Leary

The Psychedelic event: A handbook in keeping with The Tibetan publication of the lifeless (commonly known as The Psychedelic adventure) is an handbook meant to be used in the course of classes regarding psychedelic medicinal drugs. Written in 1964, this model of Tibetan booklet of the useless was once authored by means of Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert, all of whom took half in experiments investigating the healing and spiritual probabilities of medications resembling mescaline, psilocybin and LSD. in line with Lama Surya Das, writing within the advent to the publication The misplaced Teachings of Lama Govinda, this publication was once written whereas the 3 have been vacationing Crank's Ridge in India, a well-liked hippy vacation spot in 60s.

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Therefore one should relax the panicky desire to regain an ego. A Seventh aspect is a kind of grey twilight-like light suffusing everything, which is in marked contrast to the brilliantly radiating lights and colors of the earlier stages of the voyage. Objects, instead of shining, glowing and vibrating, are now dully colored, shabby and angular. The passages ==|==>> THIRD BARDO: PRELIMINARY INSTRUCTIONS contain general instructions for the Third Bardo state and its recognizable features. Any or all of the passages may be read when the guide senses that the voyager is beginning to return to the ego.

In the boundless panorama of the existing and visible universe, whatever shapes appear, whatever sounds vibrate, whatever radiances illuminate, or whatever consciousnesses cognize, all are the play of manifestation in the Tri-Kaya, the Three-fold Principle of the Cause of All Causes, the Primordial Trinity. Impenetrating all, is the All-Pervading Essence of Spirit, which is Mind. " The TriKaya is the esoteric trinity and corresponds to the exoteric trinity of Buddha, the Scriptures and the Priesthood (or your own divinity, this manual and your companions).

The fifth level is that of neurotics, frustrated lifeless spirits forever pursuing unsatisfied desires; the sixth and lowest level is hell or psychosis. Less than one percent of ego-transcendent experiences end in sainthood or psychosis. Most persons return to the normal human level. According to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, each of the six game worlds or levels of existence is associated with a characteristic sort of thraldom, from which non-game experiences give temporary freedom: (1) existence as a deva, or saint, although more desirable than the others, is concomitant with an ever-recurring round of pleasure, free game ecstasy; (2) existence as an asura, or titan, is concomitant with incessant heroic warfare; (3) helplessness and slavery are characteristic of animal existence; (4) torments of unsatisfied needs and wants are characteristic of the existence of pretas, or unhappy spirits; (5) the characteristic impediments of human existence are inertia, smug ignorance, physical or psychological handicaps or various sorts.

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