By Troy Denning

From the depths of the demiplane of shadow comes a brand new magic so mysterious it confounds even the selected of Mystra.

From underneath the dune seas of Anauroch escapes one in all Toril's strongest and historical evils -- the phaerimm.

From Evereska, the final elven shelter on comes be aware of invasion.

From nowhere seems a gaggle of enigmatic sorcerers decided to ruin the phaerimm and store Evereska . . . for reasons recognized in simple terms to themselves.

From the writer of Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad, past the excessive highway, and Death of the Dragon (with Ed Greenwood) comes the main Realms-shaking occasion considering The possibility from the Sea.

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Now, as if the elves hadn't problems enough, it seemed that the mighty armadas were somehow vulnerable. A small knock on her office door interrupted the admiral's troubled thoughts. Vallus Leafbower had returned, and with him was a young male elf clearly long past exhaustion. "Captain Sirian Windharp reporting, Admiral," Vallus said gently, unobtrusively supporting the haggard elf. The admiral motioned the captain to a chair. "Please have a seat, Captain Windharp," she said kindly. " Sirian Windharp sank gratefully into the offered chair, and the admiral took the seat behind her desk and folded her hands on the polished expanse of blue marble.

She had assumed the reigar's form in an attempt to avoid detection by the great ship, yet even in her frail and flashy new body she sensed that the ship had detected her. She was, however, a creature of great power and will. For some time now she had resisted the questing, demanding voice of the ship, intending to learn all she could about it before landing on it. Celestial Nightpearl had not lived all these centuries by being imprudent. Since the day the magical pendant had come into her possession, she'd spent an elf s lifetime exploring its powers and promise.

Our clan awaits us just outside Garden's atmosphere. I can give the coordinates to your navigator," offered Trivit quickly. Teldin glanced at the Valkyrie, a slender drakkar, or longship, built on Dagmar's icy homeworld, then skeptically considered the dracons. Each beast had to weigh at least a quarter ton. " "Dagmar would know for sure," Hectate put in. Teldin nodded. He'd acquired Dagmar along with the drakkar, and the first mate knew the Valkyrie down to its last plank and barnacle. Teldin led the way to the ship, then sprinted up the boarding plank and caught Dagmar's arm as she rushed past.

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