By Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Taye

The Treasury of data is encyclopedic in its scope of presentation of Buddhist idea and perform. this actual ebook, the 4th and never ultimate quantity of the set, provides the first doctrinal issues of different faculties of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Prāsaṅgikas make no assertions of their own regarding conventional reality: they simply comply with the everyday expressions that people ordinarily use. (2) Svātantrikas accept the pragmatic conventions of conventional reality as part of their own system; Prāsaṅgikas simply accept them for others, not as part of their own system. (3) In debate, Svātantrikas will establish their own position (emptiness or nonarising) and will use reasons that function by virtue of their relationship to real things, meaning reasons that are independently verifiable (svatantra, rang rgyud).

Tāranātha next turns to how each of the three characteristics exists, is empty, and is an inherent absence (niḥsvabhāva, ngo bo nyid med pa). 166 Imagined characteristics are imputedly existent; they are the emptiness of the nonexistent; and they are the inherent absence of characteristics. Dependent characteristics are substantially existent; they are the emptiness of the existent; and they are the inherent absence of arising. The consummate characteristic exists without conceptual elaborations; it is ultimate emptiness; and it is the ultimate inherent absence.

Many technical terms are followed by the Sanskrit or the Tibetan to facilitate identification, and a trilingual glossary is provided. Given the highly technical nature of the subjects discussed here, accuracy and precision have been the foremost concern. Many of the notes should provide readers with the understanding and information that Jamgön Kongtrul presumed his audience to possess; however, exhaustive annotation is simply not possible (it would require an additional volume, at least). Numerous points or key terms simply mentioned in this volume are discussed or defined in other sections of The Treasury of Knowledge; some of these have been noted and cross-referenced, but a thorough cross-referencing must await the completion of this translation series.

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