By Lorne Ladner

The Wheel of serious Compassion is the 1st publication to supply Western readers with an entire figuring out of the prayer wheel--an old and mystical perform that has lengthy been well-liked by Buddhists all through Tibet and Mongolia for its skill to bless the surroundings, advertise therapeutic, raise compassion, and help practitioners on their trips to enlightenment.

This booklet deals a transparent description of prayer wheel perform, its that means and advantages, and its position as an important ritual and image of Tibetan Buddhism. It incorporates a basic advent to the prayer wheel, pictures and illustrations, six commentaries by way of Tibetan lamas (including Lama Zopa Rinpoche), and directions for either prayer wheel development and correct use.

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32 As a young man, the B uddha had a choice: to become such a powerful, wheel-turning monarch or to leave his kingdom and enter into forest solitude to pursue deep meditation and seek the enlightenment of buddhahood. He chose to pursue this second course, and after years of meditation, he awakened to the true nat ure of things. Even a wheel-turning king is not free from the suffer­ ings of illness, aging, loss, and death. From a B uddhist perspective, only enlightened wisdom can grant such freedom.

In the Tibetan tradition, it is acceptable to fill prayer wheels with mantras and prayers of buddhas other than the Buddha of Compassion or, in some cases, to include the mantras of a number of different buddha deities in one prayer wheel. One Tibetan commentary states that a yogi named Mingtangpa had a pure vision of Lama Tsongkhapa regarding building a prayer wheel filled with the migtsema, a praise to Tsongkhapa. While traveling in Asia, my wife Theresa and I have seen prayer wheels of the Buddha Kalachakra (asso­ ciated with the mystical kingdom of Shambhala) and of the Buddha Vajrasattva (associated with purification).

And so is the way Of those great beings Who wish nothing For themselves, Symbolism: The Radiant Dharma Wheel 15 Their lives devoted To a single song: The well-being and the happiness Of every living thing. 27 In India, there is a very ancient tradition regarding the wheel-turning king [Skt. chakravartin] that appears to be related to the religious understanding and imagery associated with Surya. "28 Apparently, the original meaning of the term "wheel-turning king" was that such a king was so powerful that he would gain dominion wherever he rode his great chariot.

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