By Thubten Jigme, and Robert B. Ekvall, translators Norbu

extra subtitle in Tibetan: Dpal-Idan Bla-ma Dam-pa Rje-btsun Blo-bzaṅ-ye-śes kyi gsuṅ las gsaṅ baʼi rnam thar.
English and Tibetan.
Bibliography: p. [135]

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They went o n for two clays to a region where there was no water. From there on, the younger brother could no longer walk; 11ut the elder brother carried him on his back for a distance of about four miles but still c o ~ ~ lfind c l no water. ' " 'You yourself stay here ant1 I the elder brother will go ant1 look for water,' he saicl. ' "The prince answered, 'How coultl I abandon you? But if water is not protlucecl, we both die. ' "So he went on, but when he hat1 gone about the distance of an e;~rsllotthere still was no water.

As elder brother, my mind having become corrupt, I have abandoned him. 11 tliol~glltsarising, his sadness grew. "The nunlero~rsministers being asseml~letl,he gave tlie order, 'Prepare horses ; ~ n telepliants l ant1 provisions for a montll. ' "He llimself then went out, following his oltl course. I n tlie enlpty region he 1)11ilt villages for hal~itation;he (lug 1111 ant1 ploughetl fallow land into fieltls; and where there was no wiiler he f 5 2 ( 1 1 - cout ~ water. IJpon his poor si~l~jects Ile hesrowe(l the I~ollnty of foo(l, wealtll, ant1 fieltls.

Thus they arrived at the palace of King Gochn. T h e lama was pli~cedon a seat made up of three cushions and the attendant, the prince, was placed on a small rug which had been spread. T h e lama-fa ther-son-each presented fruit as hand-gifts. ' T o this the lama agreed. "PerEect hospitality was extended with reverence, and the king said to the lama. 'Be patient with me because I had to do this and sent1 the only son of the holy lama into the sea and cause the lama sorrow. After the son passed into the sea, perfect contentment and happiness came to all sentient beings.

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