By Matt Sprengeler, John Cooper, Doug Kovacs

A 4th point event. Is not anything yet a metal blade and an iron will adequate to defeat the mightiest monster of all? during this all-new event module for Monte prepare dinner offers: Iron Heroes, the desktops are known as in to find a lacking baby -- the kid of a dragon, that's. they have to discover an historic dragon graveyard and defeat a effective evil wyrm utilizing in simple terms their wits and their guns. like any Iron Heroes adventures, this one makes use of a low-magic, high-action environment to provide heroes a real likelihood to develop into -- Iron Heroes.

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It extends to their unworn pieces of armor — one set is neatly arrayed at the foot of the bed, while the other is strewn across the sergeant’s territory. Each sergeant’s footlocker has coins, gems, and personal effects worth 3d10 gp. 8b. THE COURTYARD (EL 7) Eight people are present here, all warriors. Each man is rolling a large barrel across the courtyard. The warriors have their maces at their belts, but their shields are in a large pile by the barracks and they wear no armor (giving them Defense 10 to start).

Failure means the glider plummets 50 feet. If it hits the ground, everyone aboard takes falling damage from the appropriate height. Of course, “overloaded” is a term that can include a party of adventurers carrying a person-sized dragon head and perhaps some of its hoard. The glider is designed to carry no more than 400 pounds of equipment. For every 100 pounds or fraction thereof that it carries beyond 400, it becomes harder to fly. Each weight increment causes it to lose 10 feet of speed per round and gives a +2 to the DC of the pilot’s Wisdom check.

Once the hags are overcome, Sriivash remains to be conquered. The defenses of her graveyard here are stronger than those in the Scorched Hills. So are the guardian creatures. At the heart of this place the PCs will confront Sriivash herself, and perhaps see some legendary dragon magic firsthand. WHERE IS EVERYBODY? Several NPCs have come into the PCs’ lives since they first visited Parch. Gowan has trailed them, Skond and Marva have advised them, Ulagor subtly attempted to recruit them. None of them go into the Viper Swamp with the PCs, though.

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