By Andria Cardarelle

This is often the 16th (#16) in an variety of tie-in novels of Ravenloft Gothic horror stories facing the masters and monsters set within the Demiplane of Dread.
Desperate to flee the terrors of Ravenloft, Marguerite got here to Lord Donskoy's fort packed with desire for the longer term. as an alternative, she discovered herself betrothed to a mysterious purveyor of flesh whose mystery earlier, just like the useless, refused to stick buried. Now Donskoy's marriage has invoked a depressing curse, and Marguarite right into a internet of worry and fervour

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Others are members of races that rarely work on Adar's surface but that also dislike the Inspired, such as dromites. Because of this unusual membership, a few inside Adar fear Summit Road guides. One slip, these people say, could open the door to the Inspired or worse. Such persons might be unfriendly. Agents of Dvaarnava, Shalquar, Malshashar, and Kasshta Keep closely watch members of the Summit Road, but they are usually indifferent. Their job is to catch any unusual behavior among the guides, not to help or hinder.

When needed, a PC guide can make a successful DC 15 Diplomacy check (modified circumstantially by status within the orga­ nization) to locate an NPC affiliate who is willing to attempt a desired Knowledge or Gather Information check at a +5 bonus. For every point more than 10 by which the check result beats the DC of the required Diplomacy check, the NPC has an additional +1 bonus with the desired skill. Access: A s Summit Road guides, characters have access to a wide variety of travel modes and routes, as well as known safe houses and hiding spots.

Unlike Shalquar, Kasshta has a variety of vegetables and fruits available. Leadership: Chanaakar, the current Speaker of the Word, lives and works in Kasshta Keep. He rarely leaves. The Keepers' Council of the Wise advises him, and some of these elders actually oversee the keep's functions as a settlement. Chanaakar lives in the highest rooms of Kasshta Keep not designed solely for military purposes. Directly beneath his living quarters are the Council Chambers and the Council Hall. Demographics: 65% humans, 32% kalashtar, 3% others (dromites, xephs, foreigners, and extraplanar races).

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