By Chogyam Trungpa

The Tibetan notice bardo is generally linked to lifestyles after loss of life. the following, Chögyam Trungpa discusses bardo in a really diversified feel: because the top adventure of any given second. Our event of the current second is often coloured by way of one in every of six mental states: the god realm (bliss), the jealous god realm (jealousy and lust for entertainment), the human realm (passion and desire), the animal realm (ignorance), the hungry ghost realm (poverty and possessiveness), and the hell realm (aggression and hatred). In pertaining to those nation-states to the six conventional Buddhist bardo reviews, Trungpa offers an insightful examine the "madness" of our commonly used mental styles and exhibits how they current a chance to transmute day-by-day adventure into freedom.

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It's complete control- not only control, bur a complete dance with it, which is very sharp and penetrating, quick preci- Bardo • 19 sion. That precision comes from the situation outside as well: nor being afraid of the outside situation, we can tune into ic. That's che fearless quality of crazy wisdom. " T RUNGPA RINPOCHE: Well, there seem to be all sorts of different attitudes toward the idea of karma. One is char if you constantly try co be good, then there will be constant good results. That accirude to karma doesn't help you co transcend karmic erearion.

But if you reject-not exactly reject, but purely accept everything as bare simplicity-chen you become rich. These two polarities, two asTRUNGPA RINPOCHE: Bardo • 23 pects, continue all the time. It is a natural thing. It doesn't matter whether you are studying Christianity or Buddhism. Whatever technique or tradition it may be, it's the same thing as far as ego is concerned; it's still stuff that you are collecting. It doesn't matter what this stuff consists of, still you are collecting something.

When we talk of nothingness, emptiness, or voidness, we are not talking in terms of negatives but in terms of nothingness being everything. " TRUNGPA RINPOCHE: What is the relation of kriya yoga, the Hindu practice, to mahamudra? STUDENT : Its the same thing. Kriya yoga, or kriya yana, is the first tantric yana, or stage.

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